Parish Life 

I believe the liturgy to be a primary means for transformation into the image of Christ and therefore, I encourage the whole family to participate in it together.  I value family worship and support the presence of children in the sanctuary during the church service.  I also enjoy encouraging youth in active participation as acolytes and readers. 

In terms of homiletics, I speak informally from the center of the aisle without a written text.  I seek to draw out the practical implications of the Gospel using stories, anecdotes and personal examples from life.
  I draw upon both elements of the Protestant-Catholic traditions that compose our Anglican heritage. 

I am evangelical/protestant in the sense that the Church needs to be about bringing the world into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.  I am catholic in that the Church needs to promote a spiritual devotion that draws its membership more deeply into the life of Christ.  The balance of these two traditions in outward seeking and inward cultivation is the dynamic tension of ministry that I believe cultivates continual growth and renewal.

Please join us in our parish life as we seek to know Christ and make Him known!

Fr. Darryl+